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Lucid dreaming.

For those of you who do not know what lucid dreaming is :

The question I have for you people is this …

If you could be put into a deep endless sleep where you were in complete control of your dreams for eternity, would you be tempted to do it? Could you do it for an extended period of time?

I have thought about this many times. 

If you were offered a chance to lucid dream for 10 years, would you accept it? Uninterrupted 10 years of sleep.

The floor is open for discussion.

Would you do it?

The floor is open …

Your opinions of the Occupy Wall Street petition?

I’m open for questions and rebuttals.

What do you think?


Do good things really happen to good people? Is Karma a real cosmic force? Or is Karma inside of us all? Is what good and bad happens to us from our own perspective, and what we take as a gift and as a burden?


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Critical Thinking : Is technology causing a devolution of the human brain?

Humans are becoming smart and smarter every year. Average IQ in infants had a constant incline over the last 100 years. But, I feel that humans are lacking the ability to think critical and solve problems on their own now. 

Is it because the unlimited access of information we know as the internet? Is it because everything has become so easy for us? Are we essentially dumbing ourselves down with the spoils of easily accessible information?


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Career jurors.

In my opinion, the judicial system is a joke. 

I do believe that every American should have a right to be tried by his peers, but you have no control over who is your jury.

What do I think needs to happen? Career jurors.

We need people who actually know a thing or two about the law in charge of the ruling in the court room. I propose we instill a new study. A study of law that is made for people to become career jurors. We already have to pay taxes for said jurors when they take leave from work. And we end up with some ridiculous rulings in the court room from people who really have no idea of how the law works.

I understand this theory has it’s flaws, but this is where I put this up for discussion. Do you believe this could work in our modern day court rooms? Why would it, or why wouldn’t it? Are people better off with a random jury? Discuss.

Who polices the police?

Do police have too much power? Should more thorough steps be taken to prevent police brutality, and the abuse of said power? Is the problem not with the police, but with their form of recruitment?


Legalization of Marijuana.

Pros and cons?

Here’s some statistics for marijuana in the United States.

- More than seven BILLION dollars are spent annually on prosecuting and housing prisoners for marijuana charges.

- Pharmaceutical companies have over 1,200 lobbyist in DC fighting against the legalization of marijuana.

- Over 50% of the population does not believe there should be laws in place prohibiting marijuana.

- One in every 104 people who actively use marijuana also do cocaine, and even less for heroine.

- Nearly one third of the American population has admitted to at least trying marijuana, and 1/6 actively use it today.

So the floor is open for discussion. What do you think?

If you believe it should be legalized, what would be the next step? A federally regulated market, like alcohol and tobacco? Or should we just cover our eyes and pretend it’s not happening?

What about decriminalization? Should there still be laws in place that enforce certain elements of marijuana, but nothing more than a slap on the wrist?